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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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4.3.1 Starting Applications using IntelliJ IDEA

Since IDEA 2018.2 Spring Boot applications are natively supported in the Run dashboard.

CoreMedia delivers predefined run configurations for the apps with all required settings. In order to use these configurations, do as follows:

  1. Copy the predefined files from apps/<app-name>/spring-boot/ideaRunConfigurations into the .idea/runConfigurations folder in your Blueprint workspace. You can use the script spring-boot/ to copy all configurations at once.

    If you copy the configuration files manually, you might have to create the `runConfigurations`folder.

  2. Close and open IDEA, so that it finds the new run configurations.

Now, you can edit the run configurations in IDEA by setting the or any of the other convenience properties.

Services/Run Dashboard not Visible

In order to see the run configurations in IDEA’s Services dashboard (in version 18 called Run Dashboard) you might have to do some configuration. Open the Run menu and select Edit Configurations. Select the Templates folder, and add Spring Boot to the Configurations available in Services field in the main field of the window.

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