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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Configured Contexts

To make use of Adaptive Personalization a CAE must be configured with contexts. In order to deliver personalized content these contexts will be analyzed at runtime each time a request is being processed.

CoreMedia Blueprint is shipped with the following contexts configured:

cookieSource_keyword Cookie based ContextSource to track keywords associated with a Page.

Cookie based ContextSource to track Subject Taxonomies


Cookie based ContextSource to track Location Taxonomies

referrerSource Cookie based ContextSource to track the referrer URL of the first request of a session.
systemDateTimeSource Provides access to time related information.
lastVisitedSource Cookie based ContextSource to track a user's visited Pages.
journeySegmentSource Provides Access to the SFMC journeys to which a user is associated.

Table 6.6. Adaptive Personalization contexts configured for CoreMedia Blueprint

Have a look at personalization-context.xml in module p13n-cae to see what kind of data is contained in the contexts. Especially, notice the used ContextCoDec implementations.

Refer to the Personalization Hub Manual to see how to implement a ContextSource.

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