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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.3 Elastic Social

CoreMedia Elastic Social is integrated into CoreMedia Blueprint. It includes the following features:

  • Comments and Reviews

    Comments and reviews are supported for any kind of editorial CMS content items, for example articles and products. It is possible to configure for a context if writing comments or reviews is enabled and if it is allowed for anonymous or registered users. A review includes 5-star ratings with title and text.

    Elastic Social provides aggregations like "Most Commented" or "Top Reviewed" content in a defined time interval for a certain context.

  • User Profiles

    User profiles can be created using a registration flow and can be managed in the CAE by the user or in the Studio plugin "User Management".

    A user profile is activated by a user via a link in a registration confirmation email.

  • Moderation

    In the moderation of Elastic Social comments, reviews and user profiles can be edited, approved or rejected. In case of rejecting, a preconfigured template-based email can be sent directly or be modified by the moderator before sending it. A prioritization for comments, reviews or user profiles can be set. For all items that have to be moderated, premoderation, post-moderation or no moderation can be configured.

  • Ratings

    Rating is supported for any kind of editorial CMS content item, like articles. Ratings are provided via a five star model. Elastic Social calculates average ratings for the star rating model and aggregates "Top Rated" and "Most Rated" content items per channel for a certain time span and context for a channel.

  • Registration

    A user can register by creating a community user from scratch.

  • Authentication

    The authentication is handled by Elastic Social.

  • Password Reset

    Password reset is available for registered users who authenticate directly with Elastic Social.

  • User Management

    The Elastic Social user management in Studio includes a search for community users. The user management allows editing, searching, approving, blocking, ignoring and deleting users, as well as resending registration confirmation emails.

  • All Contributions

    In the All Contributions section in Studio a list of all comments and reviews can be displayed. The list can be filtered by user, type, status or search term. Selected comments/reviews can then be edited, remoderated and marked for later editorial use.

  • Display custom information in Studio

    Custom information about users, comments or reviews can easily be integrated into the Studio moderation and user management via extension points.

  • Emails

    An email for a specific event can be sent by implementing the corresponding listener. Email templates can be created and edited in Studio.

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