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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2110

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6.3.3 Adding Custom Filters for Moderation View

The list of moderated items of the Moderation View includes a filter section (see chapter Using Elastic Social of the CoreMedia Studio User Manual). By default, this section encompasses a filter for showing/hiding comments and users and for filtering comments in terms of comment categories.

It is possible to add further filters. You have to add your custom FilterPanel to the container ModeratedItemsSearchFilters via the AddItemsPlugin.

Each FilterPanel has to implement the method buildQuery(). For the case of moderation list filters, it has to return a string denoting comment/user properties and their desired values for filtering. Comment properties have to be prefixed with "comments_". User properties have to be prefixed with "users_".

For instance, if your filter returned "comments_authorName=Nick", only comments written by an author named Nick would show up. You can combine multiple property-value pairs by separating them with "&"

Note that you probably have to provide appropriate indexes for your database in order to prevent your custom filters to have a negative effect on query performance.

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