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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2110

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4.4.5 Quality Assurance

CoreMedia Blueprint ships with a bunch of unit tests. While these may serve as examples for your own tests to write, CoreMedia Blueprint also provides some example tests, that are just meant to be used as reference.

Tests closely related to Unified API development can be found at global/examples/uapi-tests. They will demonstrate how to use the XmlRepoConfiguration as well as examples related to unit testing the CAE (see Section 4.3.9, “Unit Testing a CAE Application” in Content Application Developer Manual for details)

For further details consult the corresponding files as well as the documentation within the tests and their resources.


Do Not Adapt Examples

The examples are meant serve as read-only resource for diving into unit testing CoreMedia Content Cloud. In subsequent releases, these examples may change in structure, may get updated to new best practices or removed if outdated.

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