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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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As described in Section, “Roles and Rights”, the translation managers start the translation workflow for a set of new or changed contents from the Control Room. Therefore, a new Process instance will be created for every site that has been selected as a translation target.

At first, the Process instances both run two AutomatedTasks that retrieve the manager group and collect / create the derived contents for the target site. For details see Section, “Predefined Translation Workflow Actions”.

The following UserTask called Translate is used to let the user choose a next step. This is done by selecting a next step in the radio group of the workflowForm. The selected value will then be set as value for the translationAction process variable. This variable is then used in a Switch task to choose the successor task.

These successor tasks are:

  • SendToTranslationService: Send / retrieve content to / from translation agency (has to be implemented in the project)

  • Rollback: Cancel the translation and rollback changes that may have been made to the target content. (E.g.: The GetDerivedContentsAction may have created content in the target site derived from the provided master content.)

  • Complete: Update the masterVersion of the target content to indicate, that the translation is completed. This can be used, for example when the user translated the content manually.

While the Rollback and Complete tasks finish the process, the SendToTranslationService task has another UserTask successor called Review. This task simply gives the user an opportunity to check the content imported from the translation agency. For details on the Actions behind these tasks see Section, “Predefined Translation Workflow Actions”.

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