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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2110

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2. Overview of CoreMedia Content Cloud

CoreMedia Content Cloud is the next-generation experience management platform from CoreMedia that lets you build highly engaging, multi-channel branded eCommerce experiences as well as corporate sites for your global customers.

Now, you can easily bridge the gap between a pure eCommerce system which is focused on the more transactional aspects of the buying process and content-driven brand sites that focus on engaging user experiences.

CoreMedia Studio allows your business users to efficiently create and manage engaging digital experiences across the customer journey by adding editorial content and media assets from the CoreMedia CMS and by enriching the basic product information with storytelling by adding editorial content and media assets from the CoreMedia CMS. You can seamlessly blend catalog content and CMS content to any degree and on any delivery channel - and ensure brand-consistency through multi-language and multi-site localization tools.

The CoreMedia Content Cloud platform bundles all components to help you manage every aspect of your blended digital experiences from content to commerce:

  • CoreMedia CMS platform

  • CoreMedia Studio

  • CoreMedia Blueprints for eCommerce and corporate sites

  • CoreMedia Commerce Hub and eCommerce Connectors

  • CoreMedia Site Manager

  • CoreMedia Headless Server

  • CoreMedia Elastic Social

  • CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization

  • CoreMedia Advanced Asset Management

CoreMedia Content Cloud was designed to empower your team in creating and managing highly relevant and engaging experiences for your customers from a single, easy-to-use business user interface. Customers should always get the information they need, independent of the device they use or the time they connect - delivered in an optimized fashion for the current customer's context.

CoreMedia Studio allows business users to create and manage experiences based on context and to define and test rules and customer segments for personalization in real-time. Content can be easily mixed with eCommerce catalog items. Editors can intuitively select the products and categories from the catalog and place them on the site just as they are accustomed from other web content.

CoreMedia Content Cloud ships with CoreMedia Blueprints for eCommerce and corporate sites that provide a high-level of prefabrication of common features and use cases. The source code is provided for easy customization to your specific needs for competitive differentiation.

Built upon industry-leading best practices with a fully responsive and adaptive mobile first design plus a wealth of ready-to-use layout modules, your development team can jump start on a strong foundation proven in many customer projects whilst retaining full flexibility. A predefined Maven based development environment is provided.

Leveraging the CoreMedia CAE technology, you can dynamically and contextually combine relevant content from CoreMedia CMS, CoreMedia Elastic Social and your eCommerce system and deliver the combined experience in real-time on all channels with utmost performance using the sophisticated caching.

Headless Server allows you using CoreMedia Content Cloud in a headless way. Headless Server delivers content from the repository as JSON data over a GraphQL endpoint and is fully integrated in CoreMedia Studio. Therefore, you can preview and edit all changes in Studio.

Elastic Social allows your end users to contribute user-generated content such as product reviews, comments and ratings - whilst providing an intuitive moderation interface to your business users that also allows for editorial re-purposing of user-generated content.

CoreMedia Site Manager is the administration console for user and rights management.

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