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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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CoreMedia Advanced Asset Management comes with an asset download portal. You can configure the behavior of the portal in the Asset Management Configuration content item in Studio as shown in Figure 6.32, “Configuration of the download portal”.

Configuration of the download portal

Figure 6.32. Configuration of the download portal

The properties in the download-portal struct have the following meaning:


A Page content item which defines the context of the download portal. The root page contains the AM Download Portal Placeholder in the Main placement.


The number of assets that are shown in one page.


The properties from the asset's metadata that are shown in the detail view of an asset.

The hierarchy of the assets in the download portal is determined by the Asset Download Portal taxonomy. That is, an asset content item is shown on the download portal, when it contains an asset category tag and a downloadable property.

Taxonomy for assets

Figure 6.33. Taxonomy for assets

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