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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Mapping of Custom Picture Formats


eCommerce Connector specific feature

You can manage pictures in CoreMedia Content Cloud that are used in commerce products and SKUs pages. You can use Spring configuration, to map URL path segments to specific crops.

CoreMedia Blueprint comes with a predefined mapping defined in the catalogPictureHandler bean. If you want to define your own mapping you can overwrite the default setting as follows:

<customize:replace bean="catalogPictureHandler" id="customizeCatalogPictureHandler"
      Your custom picture formats for the Catalog Picture Handler
      <entry key="customFormat1" value="custom_crop1/300/410"/>
      <entry key="customFormat2" value="custom_crop2/700/1200"/>

The key attribute in the entry tag is the identifier that is used in the request URL while value is the name of the crop of the image that will be used followed by the size of the image as "/width/height/ in pixel. The definition of crops is explained in Section 5.4.14, “Images”

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