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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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2.1.1 Content Management Environment

The Content Management Environment is the place where you create and manage your website with the Content Management Server and Studio at its heart. A freely adaptable content model allows you to manage and deliver every type of digital content including text, video, images, music and many more.

The following components are solely located in the Content Management Environment:

CoreMedia Content Management Server

The Content Management Server manages the content in CoreMedia Content Cloud.

CoreMedia Studio

Studio is a web application. It integrates the complete workflow used by online editors from the creation, over management to preview publication of digital experiences with contextual content. Studio is a web application that bases on modern standards such as Ajax. Therefore, it can be used like a common desktop application; fast, reliable but without installation. Studio integrates the CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization and Elastic Social GUI and has an integrated preview window where you can see your content in its context. You can even see the effects of personalization or time-dependent publication.

With the use of eCommerce Connectors, CoreMedia Studio lets you access the content of the eCommerce system. Content can be mixed easily with commerce catalog items. Editors can intuitively select the items from the catalog and place them on the site just as they are accustomed from other web contents.

CoreMedia User Changes application

The CoreMedia User Changes application is a listener, which shows the current work of the logged-in editor in Studio. This web application supports the functionality of Control Room in Studio.

CoreMedia Site Manager

CoreMedia Site Manager is a Java based rich client for administrators. It offers additional functionality to Studio.



The Site Manager is deprecated for editorial work.

CoreMedia Importer

You can use the Importer to import content from external sources into the management system. A freely adaptable importer framework based on JAXP is used to build content sets and pipelines and to invoke content transformations, using XSL, DOM and Streams.

CoreMedia Workflow Server

The CoreMedia Workflow Server is an application that executes and manages workflows. CoreMedia Content Cloud comes with predefined workflows for publication, translation and synchronization, but you can also define your own workflows.

CoreMedia Content Feeder

The Content Feeder is an application that collects the content from the Content Management Server and delivers it to the Search Engine for indexing. Thus, the Content Feeder is necessary to make content searchable in Studio. The Content Feeder listens for changes in the content and triggers the indexing of the changed or newly created content.

With the use of eCommerce Connectors, the Content Feeder lets you access items of the eCommerce system. This is needed if commerce issues should be integrated into the search in Studio as filter option. In this way, for example, invalid references to eCommerce items can be tracked down.

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