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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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Blobs of renditions can be stored in the database or in the file system. In general, content in the CoreMedia CMS is stored in a database, but for large blobs, the file system might be better suited for storage, because databases are not always optimized for this use case.

When you start the Content Management Server using mvn spring-boot:run in module content-management-server-app of the development installation, all blobs are stored in the database.

Blob storage is configured in the Content Server's Spring application context, see Section 3.3, “Configuring Blob Storage” in Content Server Manual for details. With the property am.blobstore.rootdir, you define the root directory for file system storage.



Keep in mind, that storing a blob in the file system might double the required space, when you use the rendition in another content item, for example, in a Picture.

This is because, when you store a blob in the database and the same blob is used in different content items, then all the content items link to this blob. On the other hand, when you have stored a blob in the file system and this blob is used in another content item that does not define file system storage, then a copy of the blob will be created in the database.

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