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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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Setting-up a Plugin

As a starting point for the development of a new plugin it is recommended to use the Jangaroo package @jangaroo/create-project. The package is a so called starter kit which can be utilized via pnpm create. By executing pnpm create @jangaroo/project my-plugin an interactive command line tool is started that leads through the steps necessary to create a new npm package containing the basic structure for a Studio client plugin. It also adds some convenience to run the local development state of your Studio client plugin. Make sure you confirm the steps that ask if start and package scripts should be added.

The resulting package does not yet contain a surrounding workspace. While a workspace is not necessary if you only have a single package it might become useful if you want to maintain multiple plugins. Please copy and adapt the package.json file and the pnpm-workspace.yaml file of the Studio client workspace for a basic setup. If you create the workspace before triggering the tool it will automatically detect it and ask if the newly created package should be added.



The tool can also be triggered without any interactive elements by providing the required parameters via command line. Please check pnpm create @jangaroo/project --help for possible options.

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