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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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1.4.3 Working with the GUI

CoreMedia Content Cloud comes with different GUIs that support different tasks, such as managing content and user generated content or personalize the output. Their usage is described in separate manuals or chapters shown below. All these manuals are intended for editors and other non-technical staff.

CoreMedia Studio

CoreMedia Studio is the editor tool for all users. It is web based and requires no installation. Its easy-to-use interface with instant preview and form based editing makes content creation easier than ever. All other CoreMedia components integrate their GUI into CoreMedia Studio. Create new content, access your catalog data, manage your website or user generated content or publish new content to your customers.

Elastic Social

The Elastic Social GUI is integrated with CoreMedia Studio.

Adaptive Personalization Management

CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization comes with a management GUI that bases on the same technology as CoreMedia Studio. It lets you define selection rules, test user profiles and customer segments.

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