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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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CoreMedia Advanced Asset Management stores its data in the content repository in content items. CoreMedia Content Cloud contains the abstract root content type AMAsset (see Chapter 4, Developing a Content Type Model in Content Server Manual for a description of content types) as a starting point for assets. AMAsset defines a property original to store the raw editable form of the asset and another property thumbnail to store a thumbnail view. The thumbnail property can be used for a uniform preview of assets. If there is no sensible thumbnail for an asset, it can be left empty.

Concrete content types for specific assets, such as pictures or documents, need to extend the abstract content type AMAsset. Most probably, you will add more properties for different renditions of the asset. Names of rendition properties must be alphanumeric strings. By default, AMPictureAsset and AMDocumentAsset are provided as a non-abstract asset type, defining rendition properties for web delivery and for printing.

You can modify existing asset types or define additional asset types in the file asset-management-plugin-doctypes.xml in the am-server module. For each asset type, you need an appropriate form in CoreMedia Studio. CoreMedia Blueprint already defines suitable Studio forms for the AMPictureAsset and AMDocumentAsset. Change this form when you adapt the AMPictureAsset or AMDocumentType content type and add further forms for your own asset types.

When you add further rendition properties that hold very large blobs, modify the blob store configuration as described in Section 3.3, “Configuring Blob Storage” in Content Server Manual. Small renditions up to a few megabytes can be stored in the Content Server database and do not need additional configuration.

To prevent large blobs like the original rendition from being published, you can exclude them from publication process. For more information read Section, “Configure Rendition Publication”.

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