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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2110

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2.1.5 Communication Between the Components

Communication between the individual components on both the production side and the Live Server is performed via CORBA and HTTP. MongoDB uses the Mongo Wire Protocol. The Production and Live Systems can be secured with a Firewall if the servers are located on different computers. The servers contact the databases over a JDBC interface,

CoreMedia Content Cloud and the commerce systems communicate over REST interfaces. The concrete communication differs slightly based on the selected deployment scenario which are the content-led scenario for HCL Commerce and the commerce-led scenario.


On the production side of the CoreMedia system, content is created and edited with CoreMedia Studio, with custom clients or imported by the importers. Once editing or import of contents is completed, they are approved and published via the CoreMedia Workflow. During the publication process, the content is put online onto the Master Live Server. If available, Replication Live Servers get noticed and reproduce the changes. Then the content is put online by the Replication Live Server. User generated content is produced via Elastic Social and is stored in MongoDB. Editors can use the Studio plugin to moderate this content.

Content from the commerce server is not copied into the CoreMedia system. Instead, references to the content are hold and are resolved when content is delivered.

The CoreMedia CAE in combination with Adaptive Personalization and Elastic Social creates dynamic HTML pages or any other format (XML, PDF, etc.) from the internal and external content and CoreMedia templates.

Headless Server, on the other hand, delivers content from CoreMedia Content Cloud as JSON data via a GraphQL endpoint. This gives you you full flexibility in choosing your frontend technology.

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