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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2110

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Creating Plugins

A plugin is a (zipped) folder with the following structure:


The classes of your plugin


Third-party dependencies (JAR files) used by your plugin

File for plugin configuration and metadata

The file provides metadata of your plugin. Most importantly, the properties give your plugin an identifier and configure a Spring configuration class that will be registered with the application context. These are the supported properties:

The ID of the plugin, must be unique, for example, MyPlugin (required)


The version of the plugin following the Semantic Versioning Specification, for example, 1.2.3 or 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT (required)


The Spring Configuration class, for example, com.acme.myplugin.MyPluginConfiguration (optional; required for Java extensions but not needed for plugins that only provide resources)


The provider/author of the plugin, for example, ACME (optional)


Comma-separated list of plugin IDs, for example, some-plugin,some-other-plugin. See Section, “Plugin Dependencies” for details. (optional)


The plugin ID of the plugin that this plugin is an add-on for, for example, some-plugin (optional)

Maven Plugin

To create a plugin with Maven, you can use the coremedia-plugin-maven-plugin. To this end, the packaging type of the pom must be set to coremedia-plugin, and the coremedia-plugin-maven-plugin has to be added with extensions set to true. The plugin will then create a plugin-zip during the package phase. It is possible to provide a custom file or to generate one using the configuration from the pom.

@Configuration(proxyBeanMethods = false)
public class MyPluginConfiguration {
    public MyExtension myExtension(SomeBean someBean) {
        return new MyExtension(someBean);

Example 4.4. com.acme.myplugin.MyPluginConfiguration

public class MyExtension implements SomeCoremediaExtensionPoint {
    public MyExtension(SomeBean someBean) {

Example 4.5. com.acme.myplugin.MyExtension



Example 4.6. pom.xml

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