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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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5.3.2 Adaptive Personalization Content Types

Adaptive Personalization extends Blueprint with the following content types:

  • Personalized Content (CMSelectionRules)

    Personalized Content enables an editor to explicitly determine under which conditions a certain Content is shown. Conditions can be combined with AND and OR operators to create complex expressions. At runtime, theses Conditions are evaluated against the provided contexts.

  • Personalized Search (CMP13NSearch)

    Personalized Search content items can be used to augment search engine queries with context data. The result is a dynamic list of Content.

  • Customer Segments (CMSegment)

    Customer Segments let an editor predefine sets of conditions to be (re-)used in Personalized Content, thereby grouping your website's visitors. For example one can imagine a User Segment called "Teenage Early Birds". This could then aggregate the conditions

    • "(logged in) user is older than 14"
    • "(logged in) user is younger than 20"
    • "It is earlier than 10 am"

  • Test User Profiles (CMUserProfile)

    Test User Profiles are artificial contexts under the control of the editors. They can be used to test the CAE's rendering when creating Personalized Content. Typically, Test User Profiles are used to simulate certain website visitors containing the corresponding context properties.

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