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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents In-Memory configuration for the Workflow Server

In the in-memory deployment the Workflow Server sends pending and finished processes to Studio, where they are persisted in the Studio's in-memory persistence layer. In order to connect to Studio, the Workflow Server needs a Studio connection and an authorized user.

The recommended way to enable the in-memory configuration for Workflow Server, is to create a Spring application configuration file, like application-<profileName>.properties, and start the Workflow Server with the corresponding Spring profile activated. See Spring Boot Documentation for further information.

The configuration file has to contain the following properties:




Alternatively, the properties above also can be set using corresponding environment variables (written in upper case, appropriate for Spring relaxed binding). This approach may come in handy in a container environment like docker. The blueprint workspace contains a docker compose YAML file, which may serve as a starting point: global/deployment/docker/compose/in-memory.yml

Please note, that you may need to adapt the values for, studio.http.port and studio.context.

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