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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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4.2.2 Configuring the Workspace

The Blueprint workspace comes ready to use. However, there are some environment specific configurations to be adjusted at the very beginning of a project. You may skip these steps only if you are just going to explore the workspace, you will neither share your work with others nor release it, and you will start over from scratch again with your actual project.

Changing the group IDs and versions

The groupId of the CoreMedia Blueprint workspace is com.coremedia.blueprint. While this works from the technical point of view, you have to change it to a project specific groupId, because CoreMedia reserves the possibility to provide versioned artifacts of this groupId.

Since the groupId is needed to denote the parent POM file, it cannot be inherited but occurs in every pom.xml file. CoreMedia provides a script for this task. It does not only change the group ID in the POM files but also in the deployment environment when necessary. Execute the following command in the workspace:

./workspace-configuration/scripts/ <YourGroupId>

You can use the script to also change the versions.

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