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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.2.3 RSS Feeds

The CAE supports the rendering of RSS feeds for all content beans that implement the interface FeedSource. The interface is currently implemented by the classes CMNavigation and CMCollection. Feeds can be generated by invoking URLs with the following pattern:

/service/rss/[SITE_URL_SEGMENT]/[CONTENT_ID]/feed.rss for the RSS feed with content id [CONTENT_ID]

The programmed view FeedView collects all content beans that should be part of the feed and generates the RSS XML that is returned to the browser. The default implementation of the CoreMedia Blueprint returns the contents of the items list for CMCollection beans and the content of the main section for CMNavigation beans.

The conversion from a content bean to a feed entry is implemented through FeedItemDataProviders. The programmed view FeedSource contains a list of FeedItemDataProvider instances. If a content bean is applicable to a FeedItemDataProvider, the content bean is passed to it and the RSS entry with all required data is returned.

CoreMedia Blueprint comes with the following FeedItemDataProviders:

  • TeasableFeedItemDataProvider
  • PictureFeedItemDataProvider

The amount of items that should be part of an RSS feed can be limited by setting the String struct property 'RSS.limit' in a settings content item that is part of the invoked context.

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