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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.4 Adaptive Personalization


Feature is only supported in eCommerce Blueprint.

CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization is integrated in CoreMedia Blueprint. It extends CoreMedia Studio and the CAE with the following features:

  • Specific content types for personalized content, personalized search, customer segments and test user profiles. See Section 5.3.2, “Adaptive Personalization Content Types” for details.

  • Specific editors in CoreMedia Studio for the content types.

  • Different context sources to access taxonomy keywords, time related information and many more.

  • Different search functions that can be used in personalized searches.

A main concept of Adaptive Personalization is context. When speaking about a context in terms of CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization, "a piece of data associated with a HTTP request" is meant. What data this is, is determined by the data sources you grant access to, for example a Geo Location service, your CRM or CoreMedia Elastic Social. CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization is a framework that manages these contexts and makes them available within your CoreMedia application.

See the Personalization Hub Manual for detailed information, about how contexts work.

In the file personalization-context.xml in module p13n-cae you can see which contexts are used in CoreMedia Blueprint.

The following sections describe details of the integration, the module structure, key integration points and some details on context.

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