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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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DNS Configuration

To access the applications, you need to configure your hosts DNS resolution. Changing this requires admin rights.

Without Administrator rights. Without administrator rights, you need to set the following environment variables in the .env file to the DNS resolvable host name of your computer:





With Administrator rights. With administrator rights edit the configuration file for the host mappings at the following locations:

  • On Linux / Mac OS /etc/hosts

  • On Windows %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Make sure that it contains the following mappings:

# Development names to connect from Maven / IDEA workflow-server content-management-server

# Administrative Hosts docker.localhost overview.docker.localhost monitor.docker.localhost

# Corporate Hosts corporate-de.docker.localhost corporate.docker.localhost

# Management Hosts studio.docker.localhost preview.docker.localhost site-manager.docker.localhost

# Commerce Hosts helios.docker.localhost calista.docker.localhost apparel.docker.localhost sitegenesis.docker.localhost shop-preview-ibm.docker.localhost shop-ibm.docker.localhost shop-preview-production-ibm.docker.localhost shop-preview-hybris.docker.localhost shop-hybris.docker.localhost shop-preview-sfcc.docker.localhost shop-sfcc.docker.localhost shop-tools-sfcc.docker.localhost

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