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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.5.1 Open Street Map Integration



This extension is discontinued since 1907.1. If you want to embed Open Street Map on your website, please see

The Open Street Map project creates and distributes free geographic data. CoreMedia Blueprint is prepared to include the project to display the location of location based taxonomies, but map integration are not included in the default templates.

Example for an Open Street Map integration in a website

Figure 6.26. Example for an Open Street Map integration in a website

In order to use Open Street Map on your site, you have to create a settings content item and link it to the root channel of your site. The JavaScript for Open Street Map will be loaded using an aspect that is only enabled if the corresponding settings property is set. The available settings for Open Street Map are shown in the table below and must be configured to enable the map in the CAE. A template renders a map segment according to geographic coordinates stored in the string property latitudeLongitude of a linked location content, and pinpoints the matching location with a marker image (see for a usage example).

SettingStruct TypeMandatoryDescription PropertynotIf true, the Open Street Map aspect will be enabled.
map.zoomInt PropertynoThe map zoom factor to use.

Table 6.8. Settings for Open Street Map Integration

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