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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Removing the Adaptive Personalization Extension

This section describes the required steps to remove the CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization extension from CoreMedia Blueprint.

  1. Remove the listed extensions from the managed extensions.

    mvn extensions:sync -Ddisable=p13n,alx-p13n,lc-p13n,sfmc-p13n,sfmc-es-p13n

    Example 4.21. Remove CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization Extension

  2. The next step depends on whether you want to keep the Personalization content items and content types or not:

    • You want to keep the content items even though you are not able to use the Personalization features anymore.

      In this case, you have to add the Personalization content types from the personalization-doctypes.xml file into your content type definition file(s).


    You want to get rid of the Personalization content types and items.

    In this case, you have to remove the existing content items, if any, from the database and make sure not to import any new ones. Note that the default content contains Personalization content items. In addition, you have to remove the related tables from the database. See Section 4.3.5, “Deleting Content Types” in Content Server Manual for details about deleting content types.

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