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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Removing the Elastic Social Extension

This section describes the required steps to remove the CoreMedia Elastic Social extension from Blueprint.



Removing the Elastic Social Integration is optional. Even if you have no license or if you do not want to use it, you can leave the extension in the workspace.

  1. Remove the listed extensions from the managed extensions.

    mvn extensions:sync -Ddisable=es,lc-es,sfmc-es-p13n

    Example 4.20. Remove CoreMedia Elastic Social Extension

  2. Some content items of the demo content may have references to extension specific content items (CMMail, CMUserProfile, CMP13NSearch, CMSelectionRules). After removing the extension, this may lead to errors in the CoreMedia components. The content has to be adapted not to use extension specific content any longer.

    Either exclude any content items of types defined in elastic-social-plugin-doctypes.xml or manually add those content types to your Content Server.

  3. Disable or remove the frontend brick elastic-social and make sure, it is not used in any existing theme.

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