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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Configuration and Customization

The example translation workflow is meant to be configured to your needs. You might define multiple translation workflows, like translation via translation agency or manual translation performed by the site managers.

The only restriction is that every translation workflow needs a process variable subject of type String, which will be set by the framework.

To reliably track content that is in translation, you also need to define, configure and regularly invoke an instance of the com.coremedia.translate.workflow.CleanInTranslation class. An example definition is included in the blueprint source in the com.coremedia.blueprint.workflow.boot.BlueprintWorkflowServerAutoConfiguration file, which you may have to adapt.

The scheduling for CleanInTranslation may be adapted in the using the following properties, each prefixed with workflow.blueprint:


Sets the initial delay, when to run clean-up the first after start of workflow-server. It defaults to 10 seconds.


Threshold for confidence we need to reach, before we are going to remove a merge-version of a derived content. 0 (zero) or below signals, that merge-versions shall be removed immediately when considered unused.

The confidence is increased on each scheduled run of CleanInTranslation. Thus, a threshold of 1 (one) will clean up a merge-version when it got detected twice as being unused. A threshold is recommended not to be chosen higher than 10.

A threshold greater than 0 (zero) is strongly recommended, as asynchronous updates may case false-positive rating as unused.

The default threshold is 1 (one).


Sets the time to wait after the previous run ended, to repeat clean-up. It defaults to 15 minutes.

As CleanInTranslation visibly clears the in-translation state of abnormally ended workflows, adjusting the delay is a trade-off between more correct content state reporting versus adjusting load on workflow server.

The delay is given as duration according to Converting Durations in Spring Boot's Core Features Reference. Thus, a value of 10s is parsed as 10 seconds, 20m is parsed as 20 minutes, and without any unit, it defaults to milliseconds.

Be aware, that changes in the process definition will probably lead to changes in the UI, too. If you want to change only small bits of the provided translation workflow like adding another user-selectable translationAction and Task, this can be done pretty easily through configuration of the defaultTranslationWorkflowDetailForm inside the ControlRoomStudioPlugin.

But if you want to use a workflow completely different to the one provided, be prepared to write your own implementations of the workflowForms and start panel used to display your workflow in Studio.

For details on customizing workflows see the Workflow Manual. For details on customizing the Studio UI for the translation workflows see Section, “Translation Workflow Studio UI”.

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