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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.1.3 Media Player Configuration

CoreMedia CMS offers the possibility to configure player settings of certain media files in a site. Player settings for Video and Audio contents can be configured in the Video Options and Audio Options panels of Video and Audio content forms.

Video Options panel in the DocumentForm of a Video content

Figure 6.4. Video Options panel in the DocumentForm of a Video content



Please note, that this configuration can be overwritten in the theme's FreeMarker templates. E.g., a setting a player's loop configuration in CoreMedia Studio will have no impact for media in a hero teaser if the template for hero teasers sets the loop option explicitly.

Configuration of media files

The following options can be enabled by checking the corresponding checkboxes in the content item form of the content item. The configuration will be saved in the content's local settings struct:

Video player settings
  • Autoplay

  • Mute

  • Loop

  • Hide Controls

Audio player settings
  • Autoplay

  • Loop

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