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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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Assets in the form of AMAsset content items are placed in the /Assets folder by default. Define rights rules for the content repository in such a way that only authorized users can create and change assets and that assets can only be placed in the folder /Assets. Note that access rights for the root content type Document_ automatically imply rights on assets.


The asset management extension of CoreMedia Studio is defined in the modules am-studio and am-studio-component.

In am-studio you can find the form definition for picture forms in the file AMPictureAssetForm.ts. Update this file if you change the set of renditions. Create additional form when you add further asset types. Localizations of asset types and rendition names can be added to the resource bundle AMDocumentTypes.

The module am-studio-component contains configuration information for the Studio REST backend. In the file component-am-studio.xml you can find the configuration of two write interceptors which update the asset metadata as renditions are uploaded using Studio.

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