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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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Wait until the services are healthy

To make sure that the system is up and running and all services are healthy, you can use the docker ps command. By default, it will print out the healthy state for each service.

docker ps

The result should look like this excerpt:

cae-preview    coremedia/cae-preview    Up About a minute (healthy)
cae-live       coremedia/cae-preview    Up About a minute (unhealthy)
studio-server  coremedia/studio-server  Up About a minute (health:starting)

Now you have to wait until all services are healthy. You can track this by either running a command loop in your shell, or by visiting the overview page in your browser.

Watch health state using the overview page

Open the https://overview.docker.localhost and scroll down to the table where the status is shown on the right side. In case the service is healthy or unhealthy, a green or red icon is shown.

Watch health state using the shell
  • On Linux / Mac OS

    watch -n 1 "docker ps"
  • On Windows (PowerShell)

    while($true) { Clear-Host; docker ps; sleep 5 }

For better visibility of this command, you can configure the formatting by editing/creating the ~/.docker/config.json with the following content:

  "psFormat" : "table {{.Names}}\\t{{.Image}}\\t{{.Status}}"

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