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As GetDerivedContentsAction implicitly registers contents as being in-translation, we must ensure that, to the end, this registration is undone. CleanInTranslationFinalAction is the recommended approach of doing so, as it ensures that the registration is always undone, no matter if the localization process ends normally or abnormally by escalation.

Alternative approaches in CompleteTranslationAction and RollbackTranslationAction are considered deprecated, as they may leave inconsistent in-translation states, that have to be cleaned up by a scheduled task CleanInTranslation. As scheduling is typically done at a low rate, editors may be left with false-positive in-translation warnings until that cleanup is triggered.


Must Set skipCleanInTranslation to True

If you configured CleanInTranslationFinalAction within your localization process definition, it is important to set skipCleanInTranslation to true for actions, that would clean up the in-translation state implicitly. These are: CompleteTranslationAction and RollbackTranslationAction.

If not doing so, your editors may end up with a false-negative in-translation state displayed in CoreMedia Studio.

Required no
Description The name of the variable that contains all translated content items. Defaults to "derivedContents".
Required no
Description The name of the variable that contains all master content objects. Defaults to "masterContentObjects".

Table 5.39. Attributes of CleanInTranslationFinalAction

<AggregationVariable name="masterContentObjects" type="Resource"/>
<AggregationVariable name="derivedContents" type="Resource"/>



Example 5.50. Usage of CleanInTranslationFinalAction

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