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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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4.1.2 Blueprint Base Modules

CoreMedia Content Cloud introduces a new way of providing default features for CoreMedia Blueprint, Blueprint Base Modules. Step by step CoreMedia will move features from the Blueprint workspace to the Blueprint Base Modules. All features of the Blueprint Base Modules will be described by a public API. The reasons why CoreMedia decided to do so are:

  • Less source code means faster Maven builds.

  • Less source code in Blueprint workspace leads to easier migration paths when updating to new versions.

As its name implies, this new module contains Blueprint logic and thus depends on the Blueprint's content model. The content model is still part of the Blueprint workspace, hence you may customize it. Be aware, that some changes will break the Blueprint Base modules. Read Section, “Content Type Model Dependencies” for the list of Blueprint Base dependencies to the Blueprint content type model.



Read Section 4.4.1, “Using Blueprint Base Modules” for a detailed description of how to develop with the various Blueprint Base Modules.

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