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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2110

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1.4.5 Extending the System

CoreMedia Content Cloud is a very flexible software system, which you can adapt to all your needs. It integrates nicely with a Maven based development environment. CoreMedia is shipped with manuals that cover general development concepts such as the workspace and the Unified API and with manuals that cover the development with specific components.

General Concepts
Developing editorial components

If you want to develop components for editorial purpose, you might refer to one of the following manuals:

Developing workflows

CoreMedia CMS contains a customizable Workflow Server that you can adapt to your needs. CoreMedia CMS is delivered with workflows that support publishing tasks, but the Workflow Server can support much more complicated processes.

  • Read the Workflow Manual in order to learn how to define your own workflows.

Developing websites

CoreMedia CMS is a web content management system and its main purpose is to deliver content to various devices. Not only to a PC but to all gadgets such as mobile phones or tablet PCs.

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