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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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3.2 Quick Start

With CoreMedia Content Cloud you do not get a program to install and run, but a workspace to develop within, to build with Maven and to deploy artifacts from. See Chapter 2, Overview of CoreMedia Content Cloud for an overview.

By default, you have two ways to build and deploy the workspace. Both approaches base on the built of the Blueprint Workspace described in Section 3.2.1, “Building the Workspace”.

  • The Docker Test System Setup is the recommended way. It uses the Docker images to start the systems components. See Section 3.2.2, “Docker Compose Setup” for details.

  • Starting the services application jars using SystemD or a different service initialization system.

The subsections guide you through all steps you have to perform in order to get the CoreMedia system running on a machine using the Docker Test System Setup approach. The quick start describes only one path, no options or advanced configurations are described. The "Further Reading" section of each step contains links to additional content, but you do not need to read these chapters for the purpose of the quick start.



You need Internet access and a resolvable host name to get everything up and running.

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