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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.3.6 Curated transfer

Contributions can be transformed into content objects for further use. In CoreMedia Blueprint the CuratedTransferExtensionPoint must be configured to define the type of content:

rules: [
  Config(CuratedTransferExtensionPoint, {
    plugins: [
      Config(AddItemsPlugin, {
        items: [
          Config(Separator, {
            itemId: ElasticSocialStudioPlugin.
          Config(IconButton, {
            itemId: "createArticleBtn",
            scale: "medium",
            ui: ButtonSkin.WORKAREA.getSkin(),
            tooltip: ...,
            text: ...,
            iconCls: ...,
            baseAction: new OpenQuickCreateAction({
              contentType: "CMArticle",
              skipInitializers: true,
              onSuccess: CuratedUtil.postCreateArticleFromComments,

The content property can be configured in

    private static final String CONTENT_PROPERTY_TO_COPY_TO = "detailText";

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