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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.4.1 Key Integration Points

  • CoreMedia Elastic Social

    As one example of providing context information that doesn't originate from the CMS, CoreMedia Blueprint comes with a ready-to-use integration for CoreMedia Elastic Social. As a result an editor can create Conditions in content items of type Personalized Search and Customer Segment that make use of a CommunityUser's number of written comments, likes and ratings and/or simply information about the user himself (for example his given name).

    Note that these features are only available when using CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization in combination with CoreMedia Elastic Social.

  • Taxonomies

    As depicted in Section 5.3.3, “Tagging and Taxonomies”, each HTTP request against the CAE is augmented with Taxonomies. For example if a page with Content related to sport is shown, a "Sport" Taxonomy is associated with the request. CoreMedia Blueprint is configured to make these semantic classifications accessible to editors, that is, they can define Conditions on them in content items of type Personalized Search and Customer Segment.

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