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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.1.11 Site-specific configuration of Content Forms

With the SiteAwareVisibilityPlugin, you can show or hide content form elements (for example, property fields) depending of the activation of a "feature" for a specific site.

The SiteAwareVisibilityPlugin takes a parameter called "feature", which is a name for the feature. You can group two or more plugins by giving them the same feature name.

If you configure any Ext JS Component to use this plugin, that component only becomes visible when this feature is configured to be active for the site that the current content belongs to.

By default, the configuration for features of a site is done in a CMSettings content item, which has to be named <SITE_ROOT_FOLDER>/Options/Settings/Studio Features

This settings bundle consists of a StringList named "features" and contains the string values that in turn need to be configured as desired in the SiteAwareVisibilityPlugin.

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