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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2110

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Content types Requirements

The SettingsService itself does not depend on particular content types, since the actual lookup strategies are implemented in SettingsFinders. CoreMedia Blueprint provides ( among others) the LocalAndLinkedSettingsFinder, which fetches settings from the localSettings and linkedSettings properties of Content objects. It is a naming convention that originates from the CMLinkable content type, but applies also to other content types, for example CMSite.

CoreMedia recommends to yield the localSettings and linkedSettings properties exclusively to the SettingsService. If you need struct data which is not to be handled by the SettingsService, do not put it into localSettings and linkedSettings, but add new struct properties to the content type model.

CMNavigation content items inherit their settings along the hierarchy up to the root navigation. CMTeaser content items inherit the settings of their targets. If you rename these content types, this functionality gets lost.

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