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Blueprint Developer Manual / Version 2310

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This action is used to determine the user groups that are responsible for managing the site. The names of these groups are defined in the property siteManagerGroup of every site indicator. As this property is not required, the group administratoren will be used per default.

Note, that the action transparently deals with atomic and aggregation variables as target variable. If the target variable is atomic, only the first group in siteManagerGroup will be taken into account.

Required yes
Description The name of the variable that contains the id of the site
Required no
Description The name of the variable into which the site manager groups are stored

Table 5.33. Attributes of GetSiteManagerGroupAction

<Variable name="siteId" type="String"/>
<Variable name="siteManagerGroup" type="Group"/>

<AutomatedTask name="GetTargetSiteManagerGroup" successor="FollowUpAction">
  <Action class="com.coremedia.translate.workflow.GetSiteManagerGroupAction"

Example 5.42. Usage of GetSiteManagerGroupAction

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