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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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9.10.4 Adding Disapprove Buttons

You can revoke the status of the approved content using the disapprove action. The disapprove action can be enabled in CoreMedia Studio so that the disapprove action is part of the actions toolbar, the collection repository context menu and the collection search context menu.

You enable the disapprove action by using the plugin EnableDisapprovePlugin. For example by inserting the following code snippet inside configuration in your Studio plugin.

import Config from "@jangaroo/runtime/Config";
import StudioPlugin from "@coremedia/studio-client.main.editor-components/configuration/StudioPlugin";
import EnableDisapprovePlugin from "@coremedia/studio-client.main.editor-components/configuration/EnableDisapprovePlugin";

Config(StudioPlugin, {
  configuration: [
    new EnableDisapprovePlugin({}),

Example 9.39. Adding disapprove action using enableDisapprovePlugin

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