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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Creating Custom Plugins

Besides adapting existing configurations (Section, “Adapting Existing Configurations”) or adding new configurations (Section, “Providing New Configurations”), providing your own custom plugins to CKEditor 5 is an important task.

The guide Creating a basic plugin for CKEditor 5 will tell you first basic details, which you should read and understand before you continue reading.

Workspace Setup

It is recommended developing custom plugins for CKEditor 5 in an extra workspace, independent of CoreMedia Blueprint just as CoreMedia does for the plugins within the repository CoreMedia CKEditor 5 Plugins. As CKEditor 5 is only loosely coupled to CoreMedia Studio (see Section, “Studio Integration: Service Agent”) there is no need to integrate with Ext JS tooling or UI. Having this, you can easily use the tool-chain available for CKEditor 5 and follow corresponding guides like in Creating a basic plugin.

Studio Integration

Integrating these plugins to CoreMedia Studio most often just requires to register them as described in Section, “Adapting Existing Configurations” and Section, “Providing New Configurations”.

Some more effort is required for communication from your CKEditor 5 plugin to CoreMedia Studio and vice versa. It is recommended using the serviceAgent as described in Section, “Studio Integration: Service Agent” to set up corresponding services.

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