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9.6 Customizing Property Fields

While CoreMedia Studio provides predefined property fields for strings, dates, link lists (including those handling images), and many others, you might want to use an own widget to display and edit a property according to your specific requirements.

Ext JS offers many components that can be used for this purpose. Often, some configuration will get you a long way to an appropriate widget. The main task that is always necessary is the binding of the new component to your data ("the model"). Studio's client-side models are explained in more detail in Section 5.3, “Client-side Model” and Section 5.4, “Remote CoreMedia Objects”. While you could theoretically implement property fields in any way, adhering to certain conventions as described in the following section helps to make the property fields reusable.

Also, there are a number of standard plugins that simplify the task of writing a property field. These are introduced by way of an example in Section 9.6.2, “Standard Component StringPropertyField. Here you will find a simple recipe for creating property fields that use a predefined plugin to handle the data binding.

For editing of richtext properties an extra section exists, not only telling about the underlying architecture but also about possible customization options. Find more details in Chapter 10, Rich Text Editing.

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