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9.22 Available Locales

As the locale property of a content item is just a plain string property, CoreMedia Studio provides assistance with setting the locales and keeping them consistent.

For this purpose a special content item is maintained that stores a list of language tags. These tags are used to restrict the selectable locales when cloning a site or setting a content item's locale property. To this end a new property field called AvailableLocalesPropertyField is used in the Blueprint content forms, which displays the available locales as a combo box.

The locales are rendered to the user in a readable representation that is localized for the current Studio language. The property field can also be configured to show an empty entry that sets the field value to the empty string.

When editing the list of available locales a validator will warn you if a language tag does not match the BCP 47 standard ( and it will show an error if a language tag is defined multiple times.

The content item and property storing the locales can be configured with the following two Spring configuration properties:


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