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9.28.3 Localization

In CoreMedia Feedback Hub you may provide localization for the UI elements in the FeedbackHubPanel of your adapter. The localization for Feedback Hub needs to be provided in an extra Feedback Hub extension for studio-client. Within that extension you need to provide a StudioPlugin that holds the configuration which copies the resource bundle of your adapter to the FeedbackHub_properties.ts.

        import Config from "@jangaroo/runtime/Config";
import ConfigUtils from "@jangaroo/runtime/ConfigUtils";
import resourceManager from "@jangaroo/runtime/l10n/resourceManager";
import CopyResourceBundleProperties from "@coremedia/studio-client.main.editor-components/configuration/CopyResourceBundleProperties";
import StudioPlugin from "@coremedia/studio-client.main.editor-components/configuration/StudioPlugin";
import FeedbackHub_properties from "@coremedia/";
import FeedbackHubCustom_properties from "./FeedbackHubCustom_properties";

class CustomFeedbackHubStudioPlugin extends StudioPlugin {
  constructor(config: Config<StudioPlugin>) {
    super(ConfigUtils.apply(Config(CustomFeedbackHubStudioPlugin, {

      rules: [],

      configuration: [
        new CopyResourceBundleProperties({
          destination: resourceManager.getResourceBundle(null, FeedbackHub_properties),
          source: resourceManager.getResourceBundle(null, FeedbackHubCustom_properties),
    }), config));

export default CustomFeedbackHubStudioPlugin;


Example 9.115. 

In your FeedbackHubCustom_properties you can provide a localization for the following items. The <factoryId> value needs to match the factoryId of your configuration, collection the value of the collection field of your FeedbackItem:

Item naming pattern Description  
Main Tab Icon <factoryId>_iconCls The tab icon that is shown for the tab of your adapter's groupID  
Main Tab Title <factoryId>_title Title that is shown for the panel of you Adapter  
Main Tab Tooltip <factoryId>_tooltip Tooltip that is shown for the panel of you Adapter  
Sub-Tab Title <factoryId>_<collection>_tab_title The title of a collection tab  
Sub-Tab Tooltip <factoryId>_<collection>_tab_tooltip The tooltip used for a collection tab  

Table 9.12.  Localization for Custom Feedback Hub Adapter

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