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10.2.2 Customizing CKEditor 4

In this section, you will get to know how to customize CKEditor 4 once you have downgraded from CKEditor 5 to CKEditor 4 as described in Section 10.2.1, “Downgrading to CKEditor 4”.

Note, that for further adaptations, especially developing custom plugins, you should be aware, that there is no way upgrading plugins for CKEditor 4 to CKEditor 5. Instead, it is strongly recommended, to keep the specification, so that you may later re-implement plugins for CKEditor 5 according to these specifications.

Main usage of CKEditor 4 is within a property field editor for CoreMedia Rich Text 1.0:

A rich text property field consists of the rich text toolbar and a WYSIWYG editing area, the richTextArea, which is a wrapper for an instance of CKEditor 4. CKEditor 4 provides rich text editing features via plugins. It is important to note that Ext JS and CKEditor 4 are independent and offer their own JavaScript API.

The rich text toolbar is a standard Ext JS toolbar and contains buttons and menu items that perform actions related to rich text. There are a predefined set of buttons that are activated on this toolbar, which may be configured. This is described in Section, “Customizing Rich Text Toolbar”. It is possible to add or remove buttons or menus from the toolbar. This may be done for predefined and custom actions.

The rich text property field comes with a set of predefined actions that can be activated, deactivated or configured. At the end of this section is a list of configuration options for these actions.

Most of these actions are wired closely to CKEditor 4 in the sense that the actions invoke CKEditor 4 commands, which in turn are defined by CKEditor 4 plugins. Some of these plugins like pastefromword use CKEditor 4 dialogs (with custom CoreMedia styles to better integrate into the Studio UI).

Other actions are plain Ext JS actions (maybe using an Ext JS dialog) that interact with CKEditor 4 directly via its API.

It is also possible to define custom actions by writing plugins for the rich text property field or by using CKEditor 4 plugins directly. This is described in Section, “Customizing CKEditor 4 by Plugins”.

As with the predefined actions, you may write custom actions that invoke CKEditor 4 commands or write custom Ext JS actions that use CKEditor 4 API. This is described in Section, “Interacting with the CKEditor 4 via API”

You can remove entire CKEditor 4 plugins if required. When you do so, you should also remove the corresponding buttons or menu items that are wired to commands defined in that plugin.

The following is a list of configuration options for predefined rich text actions:

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