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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Global, User and Site Specific Connections

The Connections folder can be located in the following folders:

  • /Options/Settings/Options/Content Hub/: These connections are available for all users. Please note that the connections are read with admin privileges. So even if users don't have the permission to read this folder, the global Content Hub connections will be available for them nevertheless.

  • <SITE_ROOT>/Options/Settings/Content Hub/: Site specific connections are only available when the corresponding site is selected as preferred site in Studio.

  • <USER_HOME>/: connections located in home folders are only available for the corresponding user.

The base folders for the global or site specific lookup can be customized via Spring properties. To customize the location, override the following default property values:

  • /Settings/Options/Settings/Content Hub

  • /Options/Settings/Content Hub

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