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9.7.2 Studio Logging

When preparing your custom code you should check if all relevant components appear in the hide service dialog. If some components are missing, you can use the Studio logging which logs the components which are ignored by the hide service.

To this end, append the hash parameter loglevel=warn to your Studio URL. When now opening the hide service dialog, there will be various warnings in the console log of the browser you should pay attention to:

HideService: com-acme-config-ExampleDataForm-1660 has no hideId or itemId.

The component with the ID com-acme-config-ExampleDataForm-1660 has no hideId or itemId. Find out in your Studio code where the component with the xtype com-acme-config-ExampleDataForm is used and configure an item ID to the component.

HideService: com-acme-config-MyProperyField-123 is not a hidable.

Your custom component with the xtype com-acme-config-MyProperyField must implement the IHidableMixin.

HideService: com-acme-config-MyContainer-456 has no hide text.

Your custom component with the xtype com-acme-config-MyContainer and with the ID com-acme-config-MyContainer-456 implements the mixin but has no hideText. Therefore, the hide service dialog doesn't now how to display the combobox for this component. Configure a suitable text for the component.

Not all warnings are relevant as long as relevant components for your hide service dialog are now recognized.

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