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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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10.3.6 Upgrade Custom Plugins

You may have provided your own custom plugins for CKEditor 4. They must be migrated according to CKEditor 5 Documentation:


When compared to its predecessor, CKEditor 5 should be considered a totally new editor. Every single aspect of it was redesigned — from installation, to integration, to features, to its data model, and finally to its API. Therefore, moving applications using a previous CKEditor version to version 5 cannot be simply called an “upgrade”. It is something bigger, so the “migration” term fits better.

There is no “drop in” solution for migrating. […]

 --Migration from CKEditor 4

For plugins provided by CoreMedia this was adressed by taking the specification of CoreMedia's CKEditor 4 plugins and re-implemented them from scratch for CKEditor 5. You may have a look at these plugins at CoreMedia CKEditor 5 Plugins. They contain essential plugins supporting CoreMedia Rich Text 1.0 as well as plugins integrating deeply into existing CKEditor 5 plugins such as the Link feature.

Here are extra hints for upgrading custom plugins:

  • CKEditor 5 toolbar

    For CKEditor 4 integration into CoreMedia Studio you were used to not only providing a corresponding plugin based on the CKEditor 4 architecture, you also had to provide additions to the toolbar based on Ext JS. This is no longer required. For CKEditor 5 CoreMedia sticks to the plain architecture of CKEditor 5 including how to integrate toolbar buttons and user interface elements such as balloons. Having this, for adding toolbar elements, please see the corresponding CKEditor 5 documentation.

  • CoreMedia Studio integration

    For CKEditor 4 the integration into CoreMedia Studio was deep, which is, that it was valid to interact directly from CKEditor 4 to CoreMedia Studio and vice versa. This concept has changed for CKEditor 5: CKEditor 5 is loosely coupled with CoreMedia Studio by the so-called serviceAgent. If features to migrate require corresponding access, have a look at Section, “Studio Integration: Service Agent”.

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