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9.27.5 Content Hub Error Handling

As The Content Hub Framework communicates with an external third-party system, communication errors could occur. These errors are visualized as so called error objects that appear in the Studio library. When clicking on an error object, an error message will appear with a button that offers the possibility to reload the object.

Within the Adapter implementation, the implementer can throw a ContentHubException. This Exception can contain a ContentHubExceptionErrorCode that will result in a custom error message on the client side. Any other Exception will lead to a general error message at the client. The error message can be localized using the following scheme: Concrete classname of the implementation of ContentHubExceptionErrorCode combined with the Code. (for example, "ContentHubExceptionRssErrorCode_CUSTOM_ERROR"). Using the postfix "_icon" or "_title" you can also set a title or an Icon from the CoreMedia CoreIcons.

Together with the ContentHubExceptionErrorCode a String List of arguments can be passed in the ContentHubException. These arguments can be included with the placeholder {1} within the localization. Note that the first argument will always be the connectionId of the Adapter and can be included in the error message with the placeholder {0}. The arguments passed to the Exception can be shown starting with {1}.

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