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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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10.1.3 CKEditor 5 Customization

In this section you will learn how to customize existing CKEditor 5 instances and how to provide and use custom configurations of CKEditor 5. As described in Section, “Studio Integration: CKEditor 5 Configurations” it is important to understand that each different flavor of CKEditor 5 — adjusted toolbars, adapted plugins, for instance — requires an extra configuration of ClassicEditor. In Section, “Adapting Existing Configurations” you will learn, where to locate and how to adapt these configurations to your needs. In Section, “Providing New Configurations” you will see how to apply and use custom configurations and what requirements you should be aware of for smooth integration into CoreMedia Studio.

Prior to reading those sections, you should read Quick start for CKEditor 5.

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