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Studio Developer Manual / Version 2310

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10.3.5 Upgrade Marketplace Plugins

You may have applied plugins to CKEditor 4 as available at CKEditor 4 Add-ons list. Several plugins have corresponding alternatives for CKEditor 5. Others are obsolete (like the contextmenu plugin), as they contradict the new architecture or UI of CKEditor 5. And again others did not make it to CKEditor 5 (yet). For a complete list, have a look at Migration from CKEditor 4/Plugins compatibility table.

Here are extra hints for upgrading marketplace plugins:

  • CKEditor 5 toolbar

    You may be used to an extra effort integrating plugins provided for CKEditor 4 regarding the toolbar integration. For CKEditor 4 the toolbar in CoreMedia Studio was provided by corresponding Ext JS components. Thus, for most plugins you required (at least) two steps for integrating a plugin: add the plugin and provide some kind of remote control via a button provided by Ext JS integrated into the toolbar. This is no longer required. For CKEditor 5 we stick to the plain architecture of CKEditor 5 including how to integrate toolbar buttons and user interface elements such as balloons. Activating a plugin now, most of the time, just boils down to adding the plugin to the corresponding CKEditor 5 configuration.

  • Merging and splitting table cells

    In Section, “Adding Table Cell Merge and Split Commands” we described for CKEditor 4, how to activate actions for merging and splitting table cells. This step is no longer required. The default CKEditor 5 in CoreMedia Blueprint ships with these options being enabled.

  • No dynamic plugin configuration anymore

    For CKEditor 4 you had to add custom plugins via AddCKEditorPluginsPlugin or removing existing ones via RemoveCKEditorPluginsPlugin. This is no longer possible. Instead, CoreMedia Blueprint ships with pre-defined CKEditor 5 configurations. You may either adapt these by adding or removing plugins, or you may add additional configurations to use in different contexts. For more details have a look at Section, “Adapting Existing Configurations” and related Section, “Providing New Configurations”.

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